Ask Leslie: How Does Employer-Provided Health Coverage Work For An Employee On FMLA Leave?

Leslie Zieren

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Do You Think That LGBTQ+ Employees Are Supported? You Make The Call


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Ask Leslie: How Should I Address The New Rule On Overtime Exemptions?

Leslie Zieren

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New Fax Number for Best Practice Help Line

The fax line for Best Practice Help Line consultation requests is now 918-712-5965.

Training Required For Password Best Practices

Not all employees follow cybersecurity best practices, which can put organizations at risk of a cyberattack. We examine passwords and the need for training.

Recent Data Breach Increases Risk Of A Convincing Social Engineering Scam

Cybercriminals claim to have stolen the personal financial data of more than half a billion Ticketmaster customers. Learn about the risk.

Colorado Regulates AI-Consumer Interactions: How Will This Impact Employers?

As artificial intelligence plays a larger role in everyday life, states are stepping in to regulate.