Investing In Proprietary Funds: A Fiduciary Duty Violation?


A federal appeals court overrules its previous ERISA ruling based on an intervening Supreme Court case. Now forced arbitration can apply when a plan administrator is sued. Learn about the case. Read more...


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Podcast Alert: New York's Sexual Harassment Law Changes


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Ask Leslie: Can We Require Job Applicants To Allow Us To Review Their Social Media As Part Of Our Background Check?

Leslie Zieren

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New Fax Number for Best Practice Help Line

The fax line for Best Practice Help Line consultation requests is now 918-712-5965.

Lessons Learned From The Equifax Data Breach

Recent large data breaches like Equifax, Capital One, and American Medical Collection Agency illustrate the risks of storing confidential and personal information. We examine.

Not All Search Engine Sites Are Safe: The Fallibility Of Blacklisting

Blacklisting helps users avoid malware-infected sites, but there are flaws. We examine.

Ransomware: Still A Risk For All Organizations

Cybercriminals often spread ransomware and other malware through phishing emails. Learn why employee training should not be your only protection.