RiskTrends™ Trusted Insight Podcast: Sexual Assault And Prank Phone Call Liability

On a recent RiskTrends™ Trusted Insight podcast, attorneys Jack McCalmon, Leslie Zieren, and Emily Brodzinski discussed a $6.1 million dollar verdict awarded to a former McDonald's worker, who was one of many fast-food workers around the country subjected to a phone hoax. The employer was sued for failing to warn employees about the hoax, which resulted in the employee being detained, strip-searched, and sexually assaulted in the restaurant.

During the 20-minute podcast, the trio also addressed a question generated by a listener to an earlier podcast: "Is there any situation in which a manager should check on an employee by going to their home?"

On The Next Podcast:

On the next RiskTrends™ Trusted Insight podcast, the trio will discuss the $29 million embezzlement of a small, Texas family business by its bookkeeper, who pled guilty to the crime.

Meanwhile, here is the link to the podcast regarding the prank call: "RiskTrends™ Trusted Insight Podcast: Sexual Assault And Prank Phone Call Liability".

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